Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I really need to get a better camera. Or maybe learn to use the one I have. I see such amazing pictures on other blogs that really show the detail of the quilts and my pictures look so...blah. The colors never seem to look right and you can hardly see the patterns of the fabric.
So this quilt top is one I made last week. When I was supposed to be cleaning for Thanksgiving. I used a scrap pack I bought from Sisters and some muslin from my stash. It measures about 45 in. square.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A year later but I think I'm back!
I have been working up a storm in my craft room. I had decided in July that I wanted to make each of my nieces and nephews a lap quilt for Christmas. Here it is almost Thanksgiving and I have two out of twelve finished. So I think I am going to change my goal to giving a lap quilt to each of them as a birthday gift in 2009. That way they will be spread out a little more and there won't be such a scary date looming on my calendar!
The picture above is the center of what will be Ryan's lap quilt. I found the pattern in the Winter edition of Easy Quilts. The pattern name is Checkerboard Twist. It is labeled as being fat quarter friendly but I just used the charm pack Dinosaur Uproar.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shop Hop

Oh My! I have been enjoying all sorts of quilting goodness! This past weekend Octavia took me to my very first Shop Hop. Before this day I was a novice when it came to choosing fabrics and patterns. I wouldn't call myself a pro now but I am surely getting the hang of this!! I found a pattern I think I will actually finish (fingers crossed here!) and some gorgeous fabric to do it with. Half the fabric is from Moda and the other is Michael Miller. I just love these colors. I also picked out sooooo many fat quarters! I think it is time for me to venture into larger cuts of fabric though.

Oh- the pattern I picked out is called Cheaper By the Dozen and is made by Legacy Patterns. Here is a link for it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Organizing the Sewing Room

This week I have spent a few minutes each day trying to get my sewing room organized. So far most of my 1/2 yard pieces are folded and put away. I have all my fat quarters stored in their own containers and the large pieces of fabric in drawers under my sewing table. I finally have a shelf to hold my sewing/quilting/crafting books and magazines.
Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to store all the little notions that accumulate? Right now they are just in baskets on a shelf.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autumn Goody Swap

I joined another swap this morning. This one is called Autumn Goody Swap. We are going to be swapping Fall goody bags with one another. If you are interested and want more details follow the link. This One!

Other than that there hasn't been a whole lot going on. We just started a new program for the girls schooling and that is taking up all my time for now. Hopefully soon we will get a good routine going and I'll have a little time for crafting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday Crafter!

Another of my projects is an embroidered alphabet quilt. I found an iron on transfer patter from Aunt Martha (this one) and am working on getting all the squares done. So far I have finished A & B and have started C. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those long term projects!

I got a package in the mail this afternoon. It was the fabric I ordered last week. I just love getting packages and even better when its fabric! I have so many ideas for this stuff! Where do I start?!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday Crafter!

The kids have been asking me to make them a dress-up wardrobe for a while now. So tonight I decided to try a cape/robe pattern I bought years ago. While I started cutting out the pattern I told Regan to go pick out the fabric she wanted me to use. She chose this red, white and blue striped velour fabric. LOL I have no idea where it came from! While I am not a fan of velour I used it anyway since Regan was crazy about it. I made a quilt binding type strip and attached it to the neckline with about ten inches extended on each side for tying.